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Okay, guys, here's the next chapter of What Friends Are For, my Being Human fic -- and this chapter gets VERY dark. There's warnings, but in particular for this chapter... ahead lies m/m non-con and torture, so... be warned! :P

And... hope you like :P


Title: What Friends Are For
Beta: [personal profile] spikes_evilbint
Characters: Mitchell-centric, George, Annie (no pairing)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: violence, abuse, non-con, torture, possibly others
Summary: Mitchell isn't rescued from Herrick and the other vampires quite so quickly as in canon. By the time his friends find him, he's in very bad shape and desperate need of care and comfort.

Chapter Four


Mitchell could not remember the last time he had felt so utterly helpless.

He was flat on his stomach, trapped under the bulk of the larger vampire, his hands bound to the wall behind his back and over his head, twisted at an awkward, painful angle due to the uncomfortable position of his body. He was weak from blood loss and the abuse he’d already endured at the hands of his other tormentors. Despite the blood the other vampire had given him just to ensure he was conscious, he was still nowhere near strong enough to fight off his attacker.

The sensation of cool breath on the back of his neck made him shudder with horrified revulsion at the reminder of what was about to happen. Fingers that were torturously slow, yet possessive and grasping, dragged over the exposed skin of Mitchell’s thighs, up to his hips. Mitchell flinched, struggling to pull away as an invasive hand slid around, roughly exploring his genitals, while the other hand slid a sharp fingernail slowly down the cleft of his ass.

“So pretty…” the vampire hissed in his ear, with a malicious smirk that Mitchell could feel against his skin. The soft laugh of quiet exultation that followed made him feel sick, violated and humiliated. “… and all mine for the next hour.”

“Don’t… don’t do this… You don’t have to do this…”

Mitchell’s voice was barely above a whisper, trembling as deeply as the rest of him. He hated himself for begging, but he had no other options at the moment, and this could not – could not – happen.

Please… please, no… not this, anything but this…

“Let’s see… that’s a long while yet…”

The vampire spoke thoughtfully to himself, ignoring Mitchell’s quiet plea, which only served to make him feel even more violated and degraded – as if he was nothing more than an object for his captor’s pleasure, and his desperate words nothing more than useless noise.

“… whatever will I do to pass the time?”

Mitchell felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up as the vampire behind him extended his fangs. A moment later, he bit back a cry of agony as he felt razor-sharp fangs slicing through the skin on his back. His captor laughed – a low, chilling sound of cruel pleasure – as he drew his fingernail slowly down the length of the cut he’d made, deliberately aggravating it and enjoying it as Mitchell writhed beneath him in a vain attempt to escape the added pain.

The sadist continued tormenting him, using fangs and nails to cut jagged patterns in his bare skin, until the blood ran in thin streams onto the cold stone floor beneath them. The entire time he talked to him, murmuring cruel, degrading words, reminding Mitchell of every way in which he was a failure and a disappointment – and not even man enough to protect himself from this savage violation.

Throughout it all Mitchell tried to retain some shred of his pride, fighting not to allow his suffering to show – but it was a losing battle. He was shaking violently, biting down on his lip until it bled to keep from screaming, repeating over and over in his mind that he just had to get through it… just had to wait it out… and it would eventually be over.

And that was before his captor even reached his ultimate intention.

Mitchell tried again to pull away, though his heart sank with the knowledge that it was useless. When he felt the vampire’s fingers spreading him open, smoothing some of his own blood onto him as a weak form of lubrication that he was certain would not be sufficient, Mitchell’s entire body went taut with terror. His mind seemed to freeze, refusing to process what was happening.

And then all there was, was searing agony tearing through his body as the vampire entered him, brutally using him and reminding him with every savage thrust of how low he had sunk – how helpless and pathetic he really was. After what seemed like an eternity, the vampire finally achieved his release and withdrew – leaving Mitchell in a trembling, broken heap on the floor.

He was no longer struggling – no longer felt able to move at all. He just lay there, a fine tremor running through his body, eyes wide and staring in shocked, numb horror toward the floor beneath him. Through it all, a sort of despairing relief filled his mind with the single coherent thought he could form.

It’s over… at least it’s over…

Cold dread filled him as the vampire grabbed him and forced him up onto his knees, slamming him back against the wall with a hard hand clenched around his throat. Mitchell groaned in pain at the rough shifting of his battered body, as his captor leaned in close to his face.

“Look at me.”

Mitchell shook his head rapidly; his eyes seemed to be glued to the floor, unable to meet the gaze of the creature that had so thoroughly violated and humiliated him. The vampire shrugged, his smirk audible in his voice when he went on with suggestive menace.

“Or we could… go another round…”

Mitchell’s wide, panicked eyes shot up to meet the other vampire’s, and he swallowed hard, his mouth dry with terror.

“That’s better.” The vampire studied Mitchell’s expression, drinking in his horrified reaction as he went on speaking. “I wanted you to know… I talked to Herrick a little while ago… and he’s decided to keep you alive a bit longer. Said you’re good stress relief for the most loyal of his followers.”

The cruel smile widened in reaction to the despair clearly visible in Mitchell’s dark, expressive eyes.

“And… I really enjoyed this,” the vampire confessed in a hushed, conspiratorial tone, his thumb running along Mitchell’s jaw in a parody of affection. He leaned in for a brutal, dominating kiss, forcing his tongue past the yielding barrier of Mitchell’s trembling lips, violating his mouth as he had violated the rest of his body. He drew back to issue a threatening promise in his ear, leaving Mitchell’s head spinning and his stomach clenching with fear and despair at the words.

“I’ll be back. Soon."


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