Feb. 27th, 2009

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Hi, guys :)

I'm beginning a new fic which I hope you will all like. It's a little different from anything else I've written before -- with the exception of this drabble, on which the new story is based: community.livejournal.com/dark_wilson/26262.html#cutid1

So you guys are clear on this, while this IS a dark!wilson story, it is NOT an evil!wilson story. In this story, Wilson is a little bit... out of his mind? LOL... but not evil. If you read the drabble, you will get a good idea of what I mean. Other than that, I don't want to ruin the story, so I'll stop talking about it and just post it. :P LOL

Hope you like it :)

Title: Moonlight
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] andi88 
Pairing: none really, House/Wilson friendship, some House/Cuddy friendship
Rating: PG-13 to R in places
Warnings: violence, scary themes
Summary: Following Amber's death, House is afraid that Wilson will never be able to forgive him -- but Wilson's real reaction is far more frigthtening and disturbing than he ever would have expected. Wilson wants to hold on to the only meaningful relationship left in his life -- by any means necessary.

Chapter One


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